Careful planning is the critical first step in a kitchen renovation

Mike Mooney Woodcraft has been providing quality workmanship on kitchen and bath cabinetry to residents of Guelph and the surrounding area since 2000. Do you have a kitchen renovation project ready to go? Have you been dreaming of updating the kitchen in your house? Want to add ceramic tile and a granite countertop? Know what you want and have a clear picture in your head of how it should look? If “yes,” you are not alone. Most homeowners have a good idea in their mind of how they would improve their kitchen. However, for most people the plans are in their head only. Few homeowners take the time to properly plan out a renovation project. That is where the experienced professionals at Mike Mooney Woodcraft can help.   

Mike Mooney Woodcraft has 15 years of experience with kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and building custom kitchens that people love. The professionals on staff know that the first step in any successful project is planning. Taking the time to carefully plan a project and consider all issues that may arise can lead to a more successful and cost effective result in the end. That is why the experts at Mike Mooney Woodcraft begin each project by sitting down with their clients and planning it out carefully. This does not just involve how the renovation or kitchen should look, but the structural integrity of the project and safety considerations as well. Taking time at the outset to plan a renovation can lead to a smoother process and better relations between the contractor and customer. It can also save money.  

If people can dream it, Mike Mooney Woodcraft can build it. They take a truly customized approach to designing and building kitchens and the cabinets that go in them. The company understands that each customer is unique and so too is their vision for the kitchen of their dreams. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a reputation for outstanding quality and reasonable prices, Mike Mooney Woodcraft is the right choice for any kitchen renovation project. The company is always looking for new customer and will not be outbid in the Guelph area.

People who are planning a kitchen renovation in their home should contact the experienced professionals at Mike Mooney Woodcraft. It’s a decision you’ll be glad you made. To learn more about Mike Mooney Woodcraft and everything they offer their customers, please visit them in-person, give them a telephone call at 519-837-3520, or check them out online at

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